Cool Events Coming Your Way

One of the best things about the morning show is that we get to give away tickets to some great events, especially in the summertime. We get a nice amount of promo tickets for a college radio station, which makes contests and phone-ins a good option to catch new listeners and retain others who may be needing some incentive to stick around. Hard to believe, but some people don’t think too highly about getting up early enough to catch our show. However, everybody likes free stuff, especially concert tickets or backstage access. Steve and I really try to use these types of things in a fun way to catch peoples’ attention and get them to listen to the show.

Yes, people, it is a ploy to get you to tune in!

Contests are the best. I love interacting with fans, especially those who have hung in with us for a while now. There have been some good ones so far, but my favorite was the bad day contest. We had listeners call in and tell us about their worst day ever and then the staff took a vote on the winner. The guy who won started his day with his dog running away got dumped and fired by his girlfriend/boss via email and then spilled hot coffee all over himself on his drive back home. The way he told the story—whether it was true or not, we didn’t fact check him—was completely hilarious. That was one of our highest rated shows ever. It was so much fun, and he got tickets to the Way Home festival. Totally worth the humiliation of re-enacting the high pitched scream with the coffee bit of the story, in my opinion. Camping plus a festival definitely equals a good time. Sure it won’t pay his bills or get him his job back, but it is a good time, so at least it’s something for him to look forward to.

I know some people are afraid that all they’re going to get is a busy signal and it’s completely impossible to win stuff. That’s not true anymore. It’s not all calling into a switchboard and getting busy signals. Social media now plays a big part of it, too. We monitor our facebook page and twitter account, and the show has its own number for people to text us. Sometimes we run contests or giveaways strictly through those mediums, and so it pays to check those out. Steve does most of the social media stuff; I’d rather take callers. Totally old-school, I know, but that and appearances are my favorite ways to reach out to listeners. Maybe that’s why Steve and I work so well together!

We’ve got more tickets to other great concerts, social events, and festivals to give away, so make sure you’re listening (here’s a free tip: tune your alarm clock to us and we’ll wake you up every morning. You can stay in bed and listen! It’s kind of a win/win if you ask me!) and be ready to call/tweet/text us for your chance to win. Can’t wait to talk to you!