Glimpse Behind the Scenes

People think that doing radio is glamorous, and maybe it is. But I can tell you that when I roll into the station at 4:30 AM, it certainly isn’t pretty! Just ask Sunny or Joe about my awesome bedhead. It’s a good thing I’m a DJ and not a news anchor because it would take me a while to get HD-ready (although once I’m awake and functioning, I look way more primetime. Promise). We get in about a half hour to an hour before the show actually starts so that we can talk about what happened yesterday on the show and what’s happened since we went off the air the day before that we might want to talk about.

Then Mallory gets on the internet and starts pulling articles and various celebrity tidbits for us to use on-air. So if we miss a story or report it wrong, now you know who to blame: the intern! I’m just kidding, she’s really great and does high quality work, especially considering that she is both not getting paid and is up extremely early. Matt puts on his producer hat and starts telling Sunny and me what we can and cannot say on the air, what we’ve done wrong and how to be better, and also what , if anything, we are promoting that day.

That usually brings us right to 6 AM, when our show starts. That little “on air” light goes on and it is the best part of my day. Sunny and I will start by talking about anything interesting that happened since our last show and then play a couple of songs (which are usually hand picked by one of the two of us, or Matt if he’s feeling particularly ambitious—what I mean to say is, it’s my and Sunny’s decision what plays on air) before we start getting into the real meat of the show. We’ll take callers, maybe do a promo or a contest or something, plus more music. Then Joe will start to get a little loopy around 7:30 and send us on some weird tangent or other about life at school or the surrounding town or something. Then we usually get some angry calls, which may or may not make the air, depending on Matt’s screening capabilities and whether or not he thinks we deserve to be yelled about something that we said that may have sounded slightly idiotic (did I mention how early I have to get here?). Then I usually check our social media and announce anything interesting going on there, we play some more tunes, then Mallory does her gossip thing. We let Joe talk one more time, then we wrap everything up at 9.

You’d think we would be able to leave, but noooo. We have to record those station identification things and sometimes we record promos, either for other shows airing on the station or for various school functions. Sunny hates these although she has no problems making videos for our periscope account. I don’t think they’re that bad. They’re already scripted out so all I have to do is read ‘em and Matt does everything else. Once that is finally over with, I can actually consider going home. Or to my first class, depending on how motivated I am, hahaha!

So what do you think? Glamorous? Or just crazy?