New Music Fridays

So many reasons to love Fridays! Survive the day and then things get a whole lot more interesting! Some of the best parties around here happen on Friday nights, and you get a lot of great concert/club opportunities. It’s a definite party day. It’s also great to get that break, to know you have off from classes or work for two days afterward. We love it here at the station for all those reasons, but also because it is Global Music Release Day, or as it is more commonly known, New Music Friday. This is a relatively new thing, as albums released all over the place: we got new music on Mondays, in the US it was on Tuesdays, and many other places around the world had to wait until Friday. Record companies decided that all these different release days were too difficult to manage once digital piracy and music downloads became so popular. So about a year ago, the music industry surveyed people. Surprise surprise, music fans said Friday would be a great day for album releases, and so here we are! Every Friday around the world, there is new music being released. What a great way to kick off a weekend, even if yours is filled with studying and papers. Any activity is more tolerable when it is accompanied by the sounds of some new music.

That’s why we here at 102FM have fully embraced New Music Fridays and really promote the heck out of it by letting our fans pick some of our programming for Fridays. It’s totally fun. We’ll put out a poll on Thursdays to see what artists our listeners want to hear first, or we’ll play snippets of a few new songs we’re really excited about and have listeners respond and request the ones they like best. Sometimes it will be an album by an artist everyone knows, and sometimes it is from a band who submitted the music directly to us. We aren’t picky; when we hear something that’s good, we really want to share it with everyone who is waking up with us. It’s always cool to me when we have the listeners be so hands-on, too. It gets people more invested in the show, which can be tough when you’re in an early time slot, and it’s fantastic for us because we know people are actually listening. You don’t even want to feel like you’re talking out into a black hole or anything. And if we hit on something that’s really good, and that the crew on the show really like as well as the listeners, then it gets put in the regular rotation for us and flagged for the next DJs to come in and give a listen to. Before you know it, it can be all over the place and it’s all thanks to you!

This summer, we’re excited about new stuff from the Chili Peppers, DJ Shadow, and The Strokes. Although I think we’re all super hoping that The Chainsmokers put out another track or two. So keep an eye out this and every Friday. Listen in and see if there’s anything that maybe gets you excited, then go download it or—even better—visit a local music store and pick up all your favorite new tunes.