Garage Sale to High Class

I am Mallory, a radio station intern. One of my favorite shows on TV is about flea markets and finding special finds that you can refurbish and repurpose for your own use or resale at another venue. It is a challenge and you have to be really creative to make it work. An old classroom desk can become a nightstand. A wooden chest can become a coffee table. Wood frames are great for making mirrors and TV consoles from another era can become an updated wine bar. The sky is the limit and the more bizarre the item, the better. People want something out of the ordinary at flea markets. They count on other people to do what they cannot do themselves.

This sort of thing appeals to me because I am taking a class on interior decorating which I adore. While it covers everything from practical and conservative to modern and playful, I kind of go for the more extraordinary. Hence the interest in recycling old things. In fact, one of the course assignments was to find a garage sale cast off and repaint it with a paint sprayer external to give it new life. I looked for something rusty and dented so the transformation would be dramatic. I wanted something that could become useful and to which color could successfully applied. After making the rounds of the flea markets, I saw many suitable candidates. I set my eyes on small table and chairs that was probably used in a small garden or on a patio. It was white and had a rusty patina all over. It needed some real love.

I sanded down the table and chairs and started thinking bright color. This little set could go in someone’s small apartment kitchen. And who wants white? How boring. What about giving it a surprising pop of color. I chose royal blue and found just the right shade to load the paint sprayer. I didn’t want to manually apply the paint with a brush as you get streaks and an uneven texture. It doesn’t look professional but a bad do it yourself job. So the paint sprayer was the answer for perfect application. You just have to have a steady hand and some manual control. I relished the job. The results would be dramatic. After the class and I had received credit for the project, back to the garage sale the set would go. It turned out fine. The paint sprayer gave it a perfect coat of shiny blue paint, but at the last minute I decided to change the seats to yellow. Now it was a two-tone set and bright and gay. Someone could paint a design on the yellow chair seats if they wanted to customize them to match their existing kitchen décor. I liked them plain so you could use print napkins or decorative plates. The color scheme is appealing and should be easy for people to like. Class project: big success.