Gear up for Summer

When summer draws near, my mood becomes cheerful. It is not that spring is so bad, but it does rain and get cold. True summer waits until June when the weather starts cooperating and your thoughts turn to picnics in the park, vacations to the lake to go fishing, and beach outings. I like to gear up for summer plenty in advance. There are many things you have to buy to take with you. I like to be prepared so if I get a last minute invitation to join friends at the shore, everything is ready and in good order.

I have friends who hate the beach and it astounds me. They don’t like the icy cold water, the burn of salt on sensitive skin, and the incessant skin-destroying sun. They don’t like the caked on sand that can’t readily be brushed off. I think they are crazy. They are missing the roar of crashing waves and the joy of body surfing or even using a board. They don’t know how much I relish eating a grilled hot dog as I watch all the passersby. People watching is one of the pleasures of summer. I always marvel at how little attire people wear. Getting a tan, however, is a status symbol and you have to go often to get a nice golden tone.

I am Sunny and part of the radio team. I certainly plan to cover all the cool gear you can take to the beach. Many people love a big umbrella to give them sun protection. They enjoy the shade after they have been swimming for a couple of hours. Then there are those soft terry cloth colorful beach towels, one more outlandish than the other. A beach chair is a luxury if you don’t mind toting it. It makes for comfortable sitting so you can eat without reclining and maybe even read a book. But don’t forget a nice big beach cooler external for your snacks. If you don’t want to buy the fare provided at the stands that grill hamburgers and hotdogs, you can pack what sandwiches you like. You can also keep your beverages nice and cold all day long. I am not sure ice cream will last as I haven’t tried, but I know you can buy it from the vendors street side.

So make yourself a check list now that it is close to beach time. You may forget something important like an iPod for music, sunglasses, and sunscreen. These are essentials you can’t do without. Sunscreen is becoming a must for most people who want maximum protection and won’t be sitting under the umbrella the whole time. Why go to the beach if you don’t walk along the shore or swim out to the buoys? So I hope my beach theme on the radio show will help others get ready as I already am. I try to talk about things of common interest and as far as I am concerned, the beach is included.