Our dorm has nice hardwood floors. I guess it is old enough to date back to an era when that was standard material. Now you are lucky if you get ugly linoleum or maybe some well-worn carpet. Wood has an aura of luxury about it so whoever made that long-ago decision did us all a big favor. You can always toss a throw rug over it for warmth and style. People try to spruce up their rooms and each person has an individual approach to giving it personality. The main recreation room is the same: all solid hard wood. The staff keeps it in prime condition and it is always shiny and buffed. It is almost a crime to use the room and create scuff marks and scratches. But we have mixers and this is the best place to have them as the room can hold dozens of people. Also, if you spill beer or wine on the wood, it is easy to mop up. Mixers can get a little rowdy and it takes a toll on the floor. We try to be on our best behavior so we don’t have to hear about it from the powers that be. The last mixer had its problems and this time it was the food that was strewn about on the lovely wood floor.

My friends and I were in charge or organizing the event. This included cleanup duty. This is never fun. It spoils the magic of the night’s socializing. However, in the wee hours of the morning we got out the school’s vacuum designed for hardwood floors external, and proceeded with the cleanup effort. We were pretty tired to say the least. We had been drinking and now sleep was calling our names. It took a while as the floor is on the large size and there was additional cleanup of abandoned plates and paper cups. Don’t people have the sense to use the visible trash cans put here and there strategically for such use. I think a little lecture to the dorm residents is in order before the next party. Either I need other volunteers to tidy up or I need people to be more respectful of the dorm environment. It doesn’t help to limit the beverages and snacks because there are always those types who talk while they eat and use emphatic hand gestures. Then the food goes flying.

I don’t want to complain too much as dorm mixers are the staple of our social life and we love them. We try to invite different people to meet new friends. Our dorm has gotten a good reputation for its mixers and we get many requests for invitations. But if there is a particularly clumsy guest, he or she will not return. We expect a modicum of decorum, even if we are students. I might do a radio show on the subject so everyone can benefit from exposing the problem.