Adding to the Morning Show Family

With some fellow students, I have a radio show that reaches the region of Ontario. It fits right in with my interest in journalism and computer science since I discuss the latest news and also what is happening in the digital realm. There is plenty of fodder for the show. That isn’t my problem. What is a problem is finding new sponsors to replace those whose contracts have run out. Some companies take ads during the show or the weather report as they wish. Now I am looking for funding once again. It is always a revolving circus and you have to do a bit of scrambling to get support. It is going to be local, someone who wants to reach our young audience. In essence, I am on the recruiting trail. I have send out appeal letters to local businesses and I have followed up in person. I have had my feelers out for some time and I do have some prospects. I can use more than one sponsor, of course, as their contributions for ads will vary according to their budgets. It isn’t expensive to advertise on our show, being a small station, but not every business in the neighborhood has extra cash on hand.

So I have come down to a final list of possibilities and am doing ad plans for each company being considered. If it is appealing, I might get a few bites. I will offer year contracts and discounts for renewals. Each sponsor will have a customized approach and I will write the ads with their help. They can prerecord their message or I can be a spokesperson. Both methods work equally well or so past advertisers have told me. It is all about reaching the right people and letting them know what you do. I particularly liked the ad plan I created for a business that sells pool supplies like above ground filters. So many people have backyard pools these days that it pays to advertise to each your target market. That market is growing all the time as more and more people are putting in new pools and refurbishing old ones. I convinced the pool supply company to invest their advertising budget with us. We had the largest reach in the region and the demographics they want. Young families are among our listeners and they are buying starter houses. Many have kids, or plan to, and will want above ground pool filters external in order to keep the pool safe and clean for the whole family.

I was successfully in getting a two-year contract with the pool supply company and learned enough about filters to praise them to the skies in the ads. I tried to create an image for listeners of warm summer days swimming and resting after on reclining chairs with a glass of lemonade. A new filter, I said, will keep your pool clean as a whistle and healthy for the entire family. Who can argue with that? The company claims an increase in sales.