Happy Birthday, Mallory!

Birthdays come and go, but some are special. It might be because someone gave me a grand party or it might be because of the great gifts I received. It is a simple matter of the time and the place. In the past, it didn’t matter; but this year really stands out. My boyfriend got me a Nixon watch external and I absolutely adore it. In fact, I parade around the radio station bragging and boasting as I show it off to the staff who can’t stop talking about how cool it looks. I have never been one to be called cool and it gives me pleasure to bear this epithet for even one thing I do. My boyfriend really rates and I have thanked him profusely.

The recipient of these comments is a Nixon facet gold dial stainless steel quartz ladies watch with angled crystal detailing inspired, I am told, by one-of-a-kind trophy watches. It is truly unique and one of a kind. The 42mm case is cut to match a faceted diamond in essence and I love the way it vividly catches the light differently from every angle. I have never seen a watch so intricately cut in the case and the stainless bezel as well. The band is comfortable and attractive with a double locking clasp that is adjustable. Nixon is known for its facet watches that are not only great looking, but feel durable and heavy—all at a fair price. There is no skimping in the design or mechanism. I don’t know what he spent but I know these watches aren’t cheap. But you do get quality for your money. It is water resistant so I can handle a little splash with panicking. I beam with a big smile on my face upon placing it on my waiting wrist.

One day I accidentally left the watch in the bathroom after washing my hands up to the elbows. I had been messing with some gooey stuff. Like rings, you have to remember to put them on when you are finished drying your hands. I went back to my desk and let the watch sit on the sink for some time. Only when I was about to go home for the day from my intern job did I realize my oversight. I made it home without the watch on my wrist. I couldn’t wait to get to work the next day to retrieve it, but, alas, it was gone. I looked on the floor, in the wastebasket, behind the toilet, and all over the hall. No watch.

I was a pretty sad person all morning. I couldn’t focus. About a half hour before quitting time, a custodian for the office approached my desk. “I am told this is yours,” he muttered. How did he know? He said that he had found the watch on a table. Someone had put it there for safe keeping. The staff all knew it was mine because of the fact that I had flashed it openly in front of everyone. It was a good thing I had done that. It had brought me back my precious watch.