How Did This Happen?!?

Shock and condemnation. The radio crew found out that I have never ridden a bike, not even a good beginner road bike. Is there another adult around who could say the same thing? The crew doubts it and they are bound and determined to remedy my newbie status. I am not sure who started it, but all of a sudden a bunch of road bikes for beginners appeared at the station. I could take my pick. Not knowing what was likely to keep me steady and stable, I let others decide. “Let’s all go outside and see,” I exclaimed. “I need help and that means more than one person holding me up.” They could walk me around like a dog and pony show. If I succeed, the laugh last will be on me. “Don’t you know, Mallory, that we all chipped in to buy a beginner bike.” It has your name on it so you will never mistake it for anyone else’s. Of course, none of us at the station ride beginner bikes! Maybe you won’t for long, but it is a good way to start, they all chimed in.

What fun. The crew was going to air a segment on me learning to ride, or crashing to the ground as the case may be. It was inspired by this review at external. There were a lot of laughs as I teeter-tottered about the parking lot. I love the bike and fully intend to master its every move. How did this happen that I got left behind when every kid on my block was learning to maneuver. Were my parents that oblivious? Did I not drop huge hints, like for Santa Claus to come with a bike in tow? I suppose I would have outgrown any and all bikes at this point, but now is a good time to start in a non-threatening manner. Adults seem to be less agile than kids so it isn’t an easy lesson. I am a bit athletic. Why shouldn’t I learn super-fast?

The bike was a good choice as it fit my size perfectly. It was as if I had been measured to fit—the height of the seat, the distance of the handlebars, and the size of the pedals. Perfect match! You can get anything custom these days, even a beginner bike. When I am adept at hitting the trails and clocking time on the road, I wonder if I will need to graduate. I heard someone mumbling that they thought the bike was be fine unless I wanted to be a mountain downhill racer. I was no daredevil. I couldn’t see everyone coughing up more money for another model. I would be on my own. So be it. I think I am going to love getting around on my two-wheeler and parking it whenever and wherever I want. No more wasted gas, no more car repairs, no expensive car insurance, and no more hand car washes I don’t have time for. A bike is the answer to my prayers. Who knew?